About us

SunAir One, is an energy marketer operating in the domestic market since 2012. In this short period of time, SunAir One has been the highest-growth company in the country among SMEs and the industrial sector.

SunAir One buys energy on a daily and intraday basis, adapted to the needs of each customer by processing data collected by new-generation remote meters installed by specialised partner companies to optimise prices.

As a marketer, SunAir One looks to the future by continuously studying the market to find solutions to the energy challenges of a constantly changing market.

We customise the service given to all our customers to respond more efficiently to their needs and provide all the necessary information.

Our Commitment

The commitment of SUNAIR ONE is none other than the satisfaction of its customers and this is based on the our company’s principles:



Our goals

Our main goal, which we have pursued since the company was incorporated, is to manage the energy of our customers at the best price and always with the utmost transparency. A service that SunAir One personalises for each customer to obtain maximum efficiency and maximum benefit in each case.


Corporate social responsibility

Today, companies are more aware than ever of their importance in the social fabric.
That is why more and more large and small companies focus their actions on generating a positive
impact in their environment and responding to the demands of society.

SUNAIR ONE shares this vision and is committed to a new way of understanding the energy market, especially relations with its customers.

Our business philosophy is set on three basic pillars: quality, responsibility and transparency.
For us, these principles are essential in each of our actions as a company to ensure
what we hold most dear: the safety and satisfaction of our customers.